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Three girls trying too hard to be funny with our lame imagines. Submit your own!! Hope this puts a smile on your face ;)
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all of this new music hit us like

Reblog if you find Michael Clifford from 5SOS attractive


please reblog i’m trying to prove a point to someone at my school

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If you had to choose between world peace and front row seating at a 5sos concert, what would you wear to the concert?

why the rock sounds interview is important →


im soooo proud of 5sos speaking up like they did in rock sounds. honestly. i think that us as fans get in this little bubble where we think everyone just adores them, but i honestly dont think thats the case.

5sos is getting shitted on by 30 year old men who think they know what rock is all the…

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I was on tumblr with my mom and there was a text post that said “Michael clifford is sex” and she just nodded her heard and whispered “true that” under her breath.

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