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We told you.
We fucking told you Gordon.

You're On Your Period →


This was your first time touring with your best friends and it couldn’t have started any worse. You’re uterus was shedding it’s lining heavily and it caused you great pain. You laid in the fetal position watching sad movies until the guys came in. “Y/N I see you’re menstruating,” Michael said….


"Ashton" (breathes heavily) "is" (starts sobbing) "wearing" (screams) "motherfucking" (punches wall) "glasses." (jumps out window)


wow I haven’t been on here in ages..
I’m sorry guys :(
I’m going to try and start to regularly post again. It might start off slow but I will get there.
Thanks to everyone who still follow and also to all of the people who has messaged us, Im trying to reply to all of you. It’s been a pretty busy year and I haven’t had the time to do everything :( I’m sorry again but look forward to more new imagines!!


Michael’s reaction to Nicki performing Anaconda is iconic 

(Source: hollabackluke)


I have in unhealthy obsession with Michael Clifford’s tummy like imagine trailing kisses down that thing goD DAMMMMIIT

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