5sos Funny Imagines
Three girls trying too hard to be funny with our lame imagines. Submit your own!! Hope this puts a smile on your face ;)
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Imagines will be up tomorrow guaranteed!

Anonymous asked: Do you take request on regular imagines??


I don’t see myself as a fantastic writer so If I wrote a regular imagine it would probably be really crap! x

Anonymous asked: Can u post more imagines?


I’m going to try to start posting again in the next few Days!

soundslikeapersonalissue asked: OMG the one where Calum throws the guitar made me hit my head on a wall. Love these. _._.


haha thanks! Glad you like them! Xx

Anonymous asked: Your imagines are hilarious! They could be a little better if they all didnt end in "You die."


Thank you! x

pinkkloser asked: I just wanted to say that your account is what I go to when I'm having a bad day xD it always makes me laugh


Aw thank you so much! Glad we can make you laugh!! xx


Muke is muke af.

Ouch -Luke Imagine →


Warning smut

The two of you had just come back from a party to your shared flat.You were slightly drunk and Luke was very horny.You could tell by the way he kept grinding his crotch onto your bum and by the way he left love bites on your neck and collarbones. To be honest, this was making you…

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